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Engineering Building.


The old gymnasium building has been remodelled and fitted up, under the direction of Professor Hollis, as an engineering building. Two extra floors have been put in, making three stories in all, and the building has been provided with steam heat and sanitary arrangements.

The large room on the ground floor is fitted with machinery for experimental purposes. There are four machines for testing the strength of metals, one having a strength of 200,000 pounds, and another a strength of 60,000 pounds. There is a machine for testing currents, an oil tester, and a tester for steam indicators. For driving this machinery there is an engine of twenty-five or thirty horse power. Steam is furnished by an upright boiler in the rear part of the building. In connection with the boiler are a blower for forced draught and an automatic feed-pump for supplying water.

A large space in the northeast corner of the room is devoted to hydraulic machinery. A stand-pipe five feet in diameter and twenty-two feet in height extends above the level of the third floor. This is for experimenting with the flow of water through apertures of different sizes. Water will be pumped into the pipe from a cistern and will flow through an aperture, provided with nozzels of various sizes, into a tank. At the other end of the tank there will be a weir, and the flow of water over this can be measured. Then the water will flow into weighing tanks and back into the cistern. The large tank and the two weighing tanks have not yet been put in. The hydraulic machinery will be ready for use early in the coming term.

At the left of the entrance are a coat-room, a toilet-room, and a room for experiments with road materials. At the right are two office rooms.

The second story contains a recitation room for work in advanced courses. There is only one room in the third story. Skylights have been put in the roof, making a well lighted drawing room.

The drawing and recitation rooms are in use, and the machinery, with the exception of the hydraulic machinery, will be ready in a few days. The students in the engineering courses have already been making tests of the accuracy of the machines.

Professor Hollis has thought it best to put into the building only what is needed at present. There is room for more machinery, which will be added from time to time as needed. The slowness of equipment has been occasioned by the difficulty of finding machinery suitable for experimental purposes.

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