Crew Notes.

'Varsity Crew Shaken Up. - Dunlop taken to the Second Squad.

The 'varsity crew received a general shaking up yesterday. The most important changes were R. H. Stevenson's return to stroke, and the placing of Johnstone L. S., who has not been out before this season at No. 1.

The order in which the crew rowed was: Stroke, R. H. Stevenson; 7, Perkins; 6, Johnstone; 5, Shepard; 4, Bullard; 3, Fennessy; 2, Fox; bow, Manning.

Freshman Crew.The work of the candidates for the freshman crew is being gradually increased. Every day the men row for half an hour and finish by rowing a quick stroke for several minutes. The crews are now rowing the full stroke, and keep good time.

Perkins, who rowed number seven on the first crew is being tried at that position on the first 'varsity crew. Gillespie was moved to seven, but yesterday Ames was put there and Gillespie rowed five. Hennen, who played football last fall, came out to try for the crew yesterday. The first two crews are at present rowing as follows:



Goodrich Stroke. Sheif.

Ames 7 Barnes.

Riggs, 6 Scull.

Gillespie 5 Howard.

Aldrich 4 Reed.

Butler 3 Fuller.

Woodward 2 McBurnie.

Rice Bow. Hurley.