Crew Notes.

The 'Varsity Crew again Receives a Shaking Up.

Yesterday the 'varsity crew received another severe shaking up, of which the most important feature was the relegating of Fennessy to the second crew and the trial of Shepard as stroke on the first crew. This manoeuvering for positions has been going on for some time in order that the personnel of the crew may be decided upon as soon as possible, for the beginning of the work on the river is hardly over five weeks distant.

Yesterday's make-up of the first and second 'varsity crews was as follows:


Shepard Stroke Webb.

R. H. Stevenson 7 Forbes.

Johnstone 6 Lewis.

Perkins 5 Watson, Fennessy.

Bullard 4 Stevens.

Damon, Manning 3 Fennessy, Hollister.

Fox 2 Cornwell.

Hollister, Watson Bow E. Clark.

Freshman Crew.The first freshman crew rowed yesterday as follows: Stroke, Goodrich; 7, Ames; 6, Riggs; 5, Fuller; 4, Aldrich; 3, Butler; 2, Scull; bow, McBurney. Fuller, Scull and McBurney took the places of Gillespie, Woodward and Rice, who were put on the second crew. Hennen, who came out Tuesday, was put at bow on the second crew and Sheafe, stroke of the second, rowed on the third.