Christian Association.

Last night the Christian Association held a meeting in Holden Chapel. Mr. R. E. Lewis, secretary of Boston Unviersity delivered an address on the courses of Bible study to be given by the association this year.

He spoke first of the religious part of education in the different colleges during the colonial period, and pointed out how much stress was laid upon Biblical study when they were founded. Then he mentioned the sudden abandoning of this study in nearly all colleges in the socalled anti-Biblical period, and the influence that the students exercised over the country at large. He then passed to the temptations which beset the college man, and the aid that the Bible affords in resisting them, and in shaping a man's whole life. He advocated the courses as one of the greatest benefits obtainable in college.

Dr. Garret then gave a description of his course on the Life of Christ and the method in which it is to be conducted. Mr. W. W. Comfort followed him and gave a detailed account of the course on the Life of Paul. Mr. Skinner also described the course which he is to conduct.

The next meeting will be devoted to the subject of helping foreign and city missions. This will probably take place next week.