Gore Hall.

The work of renovating the main building of Gore Hall is progressing as rapidly as possible and the hall will probably be open in the latter part of December.

The entire inside of the building has been torn down, leaving only the walls, and will be rebuilt in modern style. The outside, however, will remain untouched. When the renovation is completed there are to be three floors and a basement.

The first two floors will be built of iron grating to insure good light and ventilation. The top floor will be built of wood.

These floors are supported by iron columns, several feet apart and extending throughout the length and breadth of the hall. Between these supports will be the shelves for the books.

This arrangement will leave passages a few feet wide between the shelves.


The basement and the first two floors will contain the books, and the top floor is to be the general reading room.

The entrance to the main hall will not be direct but will be, as formerly, through the smaller wing.