Yesterday's Practice the Last Before Tomorrow's Game at West Point.

The last practice of the 'varsity squad before the game at West Point tomorrow was harder than it has been heretofore this season. The men were divided into three elevens. Two short practice games were played; the first one of two short halves between the first and third elevens, in which neither eleven was changed for the two halves, and the second a game of one half between the second and third elevens. In this way every man who is likely to play tomorrow was given a chance to play once more.

The practice in the first half of the first line-up was very spirited, and at the end of the second half several men on the first were tired out.

Though there was occasional fumbling, the play was marked by more snap and dash than usual. After practicing signals for about half an hour the first and third elevens lined up as follows:


Cabot, l. e. r. e., Selfridge.


Hallowell, l. t. r. t., Eddy.

Holt, l. g. r. g., Hennen.

Shaw, c. c., Hoague.

Jaffray, r. g. l. g., Merriman.

Donald, r. t. l. t., Fuller.

Brewer, r. e. l. e., Bull.

Borden, q. b. q. b., Wadsworth.

Gonterman, h. b. h. b., Sullivan.

Davis, h. b. h. b., Arnold.

Dunlop, f. b. f. b., Cozzens.