Special Notice.

THE high estimation in which the Castle Square productions of opera are held may be judged by the following brief extracts from Tuesday's Boston papers, criticizing "The Bohemian Girl."

"The piece was mounted with the conscientious care and the liberality that characterize the performances at this theatre."

"The company appeared to enjoy their work and put a vein into it that delighted their audience."

"The production was even more sucessfull than the presentation earlier in the summer, when the opera scored a notable success in this theatre's operatic season."

"The piece ran with capital smoothness."


"Miss Clara Lane was a great success as Arline. Musically and dramatically she made an instantaneous hit. Further acquaintance only adds to the impression that this lady makes upon her auditors. Added to an excellent stage presence she possesses a most intelligent conception of her roles and a magnetism that keeps her constantly in touch with those before her. She never for once relaxes her hold upon her character. Naturally her song in the second act, 'I Dreamt I Dwelt in Marble Halls,' carried the house completely, and in the concerted music her voice was heard to most enjoyable advantage, and notably in the trio and quintet in the last act."

Step into a Crawford Shoe Store and examine the make and quality of a Crawford Shoe at $6.00, $5.00 or even $4.00.

Mr. Walter R. Spalding will receive pupils in Pianoforte, Organ and Composition. 11 Wendell St., Cambridge. 17 3t

FOR RENT.- 2 suites of unfurnished rooms at 31 Bow St., corner of Plympton. New building.

ALL University students and the public are invited to the address on "College Graduates and Public affairs," by Herbert Welsh of Philadelphia, in the Fogg Museum, Tuesday, Oct. 15, at 8 p. m. The president of the Civil Service Reform Club, Louis A. Frothingham, will preside. The speaker is editor of a political weekly of Philadelphia, and is thoroughly conversant with his subject. 17 td

A position as steward wanted in a club. Long experience and good references. Apply at 27 Cornhill, Boston.

DANCING.- Mr. Arthur Black assisted by M'lle Golelle Florence will receive Harvard gentlemen for private or class lessons in ball room, stage or character dancing. The Trilby Waltz (new). Address, 142 Massachusetts avenue, corner Boylston street, suite 4. 10 10t

DANCING CLASSES. Mrs. L. J. Chandler's classes open as follows: North Cambridge, Odd Fellows Hall, Saturday, Oct. 5, 8 p. m.; Cambridgeport, Odd Fellows Hall, Tuesday, Oct. 8. 8 p. m. Residence, corner Mass. Ave. and Inman st.

ANNOUCEMENT.- Mesdames Cates and Hall beg leave to announce that they have opened Select Dining Tables at No. 17 Story street, Cambridge. Special attention will be paid to catering for students' clubs.

Mrs. Cate's long experience at the Waverly House, Charlestown, Brant Rock House, and Women's Industrial Union, will insure a high degree of excellence both in cuisine and service. References given and required. 14 tf

DANCING.- Mr. Arthur Black, assisted by M'lle. Golelle Florence will receive Harvard gentlemen for private or class lessons in ball-room, stage or character dancing. The Trilby Waltz (new). Address 142 Mass. Ave., corner Boylston street, suite 4. 10 10t tu th s

Disabuse your mind of the idea that the Crawford Shoe is a "cheap" shoe, though sold at $6.00, $5.00 or even $4.00. They are as good as custom made and costs less.

RUSSIAN and other Slavic languages taught by a native Russian, three years professor in University. Best of references. Address Leo Wiener, N. E. Conservatory of Music, Boston, Mass. 9 8t

INSURE your furniture against loss by fire with James H. Hilton, 1426 Massachusetts avenue. Drop me a postal and I will call. 8 tf

MR. FRED W. WHITAKER, of Whitaker and Co., Tailors, 43 Conduit Street, London, W., has arrived at Young's Hotel, Boston, with special samples for winter. He will be there until October 12. Appointments by letter between hotel hours. Hotel hours 8 to 11 a. m., 4.30 to 7 p. m. td.

'VARSITY Mandolin and Guitar Club players can save time in learning their pieces by taking lessons of W. E. Stratton, 396 Harvard street. Lessons given in students' rooms. Write and will call.

The Cambridge Safe Deposit and Trust Co., at No. 1300 Massachusetts Avenue, corner of Linden street, transacts a general banking business. Checks will be cashed on any Bank or Banking House in the U. S. and interest is allowed upon daily ballances subject to check. Special attention given to accounts with officers and students of the University. Banking hours 8 to 2. Safety Vaults open from 8 a. m. to 2, and 5 to 6 p. m. tf

First-class in every respect-The Crawford Shoe, though sold at $6.00, $5.00 and even $4.00, has style, comfort and good looks combined and wears well.

TO LET.- A suite of rooms in Claverly on first floor. Bonus. Apply at Thurston's. 17-3t

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