Provisional Assignment of Parts for the French Play.

The following are the parts as provisionally assigned at the executive meeting of the Cercle Francais last night:

Argan, Schurz.

Beline, Calkins, Boucher.

Angelique, E. G. Knoblauch.

Beralde, Upton, Gratwick.


Cleante, Morris.

M. Diafoirus, Cram.

Diafoirus fils, Reed.

M. Purgon, Gray.

M. Fleerant, Pitts.

M. Bonnefoi, Hildreth, Champney.

Toinette, Gade, Hayden.

Men appointed for the ballet are: H. F. Robinson, E. du Pont, Strauss, Moe, Fuller, C. L. Smith, Jr., Holbrook, Byrd, F. M. Jones, Murphy.

The following committee was appointed to manage the play: Business manager, J. P. Hayden; property manager, J. P. Parker; stage manager, J. C. Goodridge.

The ballets are by no means as yet complete and any one, whether or not a member of the Cercle Francais, who wishes to take part in the dancing is requested to send in his name as soon as possible to H. Schurz, 11 Hastings. All members who took of the play at the last meeting will please send them immediately to the secretary, to be marked.

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