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tre, and Gonterman found his opening the moment it was made.

Just when Harvard was making steady progress Borden fumbled, and Harvard lost five yards. Dunlop could not make any impression on the West Point line, and C. Brewer was obliged to kick on the third down. He kicked the ball to West Point's 25 yard line.

The cadets now had their first opportunity to rush the ball, but in three downs they failed to gain a yard. On the next play Stacey got through Hallowell for five yards. West Point continued to make slight gains, a yard or two at a time, and was finally compelled to yield on account of Harvard's strong defence.

The ball went to Harvard on downs on West Point's 27 yard line. C. Brewer tried the left end, but Nolan's fine tackle prevented him from making more than two yards. Then Dunlop made a gain of five yards.

C. Brewer was given the ball and made a run of 20 yards scoring the only touchdown of the game. A. Brewer tried for a goal, but failed.

On the lin-up King kicked to Gonterman, who made a fair catch on Harvard's 20 yard line. C. Brewer returned the ball with a long punt. About a half a dozen punte were made, and then C. Brewer, after receiving the ball on his own 15 yard line, made a try to get around Nolan, but the latter promptly tackled him.

Harvard continued to play a sharp, aggressive game, and slowly but surely the ball was pushed toward the centre of the field. Harvard lost the ball on her own 40 yard line for holding. Connor attempted to gain around Captain Brewer's end, but the latter tackled him for a loss of two yards. King next tried to buck the line, but Hallowell checked the advance. In the scrimmage Hallowell was injured and gave way to Haughton.

During the remainder of the half the ball continually changed hands. Both teams were at their best on the defence and there was no marked advantage either way. West Point kicked on third downs and on one of the punts C. Brewer made another good run, this time for 25 yards. The first half ended by C. Brewer punting to West Point's 5 yard line.

In the second half Wrightington and Fairchild replaced Gonterman and Dunlop behind the Harvard line and Doucette took F. Shaw's position at centre. The West Point line-up was the same as in the first half.

C. Brewer punted and King returned the kick. C. Brewer then made a dash for 15 yards around the left end. He dropped the ball but Wrightington saved it for Harvard. Wrlghtington and Fairchild each tried the centre in succession but made no gain. On the third down C. Brewer kicked to King who caught the ball on West Point's 25 yard line. Doucette regained possession for Harvard on West Point's 45 yard line.

C. Brewer punted to King who returned it to Wrightington. Fairchild and Wrightington failed to advance the ball and West Point got it on the fourth down.

The ball was now on Harvard's 45 yard line. Stacey and Connor both tried to rush the ball but failed to gain and again King was compelled to kick. This time Doucette broke through and blocked the ball. A. Brewer picked up the ball and made some gain. C. Brewer on the next play made 25 yards.

After Brewer had brought the ball five yards nearer the goalline it was awarded to West Point on account of Harvard's off-side play. King punted to Wrightington, who ran 10 yards before he was downed by Reinsinger.

The ball was pushed back and forth little being gained for either side until the last few minutes of play. when King punted to C. Brewer, and the latter returned. Another exchange of kicks followed and then King lifted the ball for 35 yards. Wrightington fumbled the ball and Reisinger secured it for West Point on Harvard's 10 yard line. It was quite a close call, and Harvard barely escaped being scored on While Wrightington failed to get the ball, he did not allow his man to get away from him. Time was called with the ball in West Point's possession, and 10 yards from the Harvard goal line.


Cabot, l.e. r.e., Reisinger.

Haughton, l.t., r.t., Foy.

Hallowell, l.t.

Holt, l.g. r.g., Berry.

Shaw, c. c., McCormick.

Doucette, c.

Jaffray, r.g. l.g., Williams.

Donald, r.t. l.t., Lott.

A. Brewer, r.e. l.e., Nolan.

Borden, q.b. q.b., Hoffman.

Gonterman, h.b. h. b., Stacey.

Wrightington, h.b. h.b. Connor.

C. Brewer, h.b.

Fairchild, f.b. f.b., King.

Dunlop, f.b.

Score, Harvard 4, West Point 0. Touchdown, C. Brewer. Umpire, R. D. Wrenn. Referee, A. A. Knipe. Linesman, Cadet Sheldon. Time 20 minute halves.

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