Ninety-Seven O, Ninety-Nine O.

The junior and freshman elevens played a closely contested game of football on the 'varsity field Saturday, neither side being able to score a touchdown. A fifteen and ten minute half were played. Ninety-nine played will together, while '97 was exceedingly weak on the offensive the ball rarely getting to the backs as it should.

Ninety-seven did the best work in the last two or three minutes of the first half. Ninety-nine had the ball on the 35-yard line and was obliged to kick on the third down. The ball was fumbled and '99 got it on the 15 yard line. Ninety-nine then got 10 yards on two snccessive off-side plays and the ball was on '97's 5 yard line. Ninety-seven then did some good defensive work and got the ball on four downs. Time was called with the ball on the ten yard line.

In the next half the ball was in '97's territory most of the time but '99 could get no nearer than the 15 yard line.

For '97 Fenno did some good tacking and followed the ball well. The backs when playing on the offensive showed a marked tendency to run back and several times were downed for a loss of almost 10 yards. Ninety nine showed the better team work, but did not seem to be able to advance the ball at critical times. Dibblee played well at quarter and made some pretty tackles, and Proctor struck the line hard and was almost sure of a gain every time he ran. Following is the line-up.



Johnston, l.e. r.e., Prouty.

Cochrane, l.e.

Taylor, l.t. r.t., Pitts.

Cochrane, l.t.

Colton, l.g. r.g., Elder.

Homans, c. c., Tuckerman.

White, r.g. l.g., Collins.

O'Brien, r.t. l.t., Sleeper.

Nourse, r.e. l.e., Fenno.

Thompson, q.b. q.b., White.