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The following is a list of the drawings for the tennis tournament which begins today:

Preliminary Round.

1. R. W. Sulloway '98-H. G. Gray '97, 3.30 p. m.

2. M. D. Whitman '99 N. T. Wilson '99, 2.30 p. m.

3. G. A. Nelson '99-P. N. Booth '96, 4.00 p. m.

4. S. P. Negal '98-W. B. Berge '99, 3.30 p. m.

5. W. L. Cahue-D. Hunter, Jr., 4.00

6. G. P. Shaw '99-Douglas Campbell L. S., 2.00 p. m.

7. P. R. Hazard-H. J. Goodridge '98, 2.00 p. m.

8. Bayard Cutting '97,- L. W. Jenney L. S., 2.00 p. m.

9. J. A. Averell-C. D. Gray '97, 2.30 p. m.

10 a. m.- Alfred Codman '96,- S. M. Chase '99.

3. p. m.- H. Blanchard '98-H. J. Holt '98.

3.30 p. m.- L. A. Brown '98-J. D. Forbes

2.30 p. m.- H. S. Grew '96-Herbert Foster '98.

4 p. m.- E. A. Waters-C. B. Smith, L. S.

10 a. m.- H. R. Scott '97-A. E. Du Bois

3 p. m.- E. R. Cogswell-H. A. Seckley.

4 p. m.- C. C. Bulters '99-R. H. Somes, L. S.

10 a. m.- G. Allen '98-J. Dumaresq.

10 a. m.- C. H. Parker, Jr. '96-Philip G. Carleton.

1.30 p. m.- H. C. Ffoulke-R. C. Thomas '96.

3.30 p. m.- J. F. Brice '99-F. B. Dutton.

2.30 p. m.- R. T. Parke '98-M. C. Whitfield.

2.30 p. m.- C. F. Chauncey-H. E. Cooper.

4.30 p. m.- W. E. Putnam, Jr.- winner of match 1.

5 p. m.- Winner of match 2-winner of match 3.

5 p. m.- Winner of match 4-winner of match 5.

3.30 p. m.- Winner of match 6-winner of match 7.

4 p. m.- Winner of match 8-winner of match 9.

4 p. m.- C. F. Crapo-H. E. Robinson '96.

3 p. m.- F. A. Sterling '98-H. H. Lay '99.

2.30 p. m.- H. A. L. Sand L. S.- E. O. Childs, Jr.

2 p. m.- W. S. Fitz '99-Arthur Ingraham '96.

3 p. m.- Philip Stockton '96-0. J. Carleton '99,

4 p. m.- S. H. Derby '99-C. E. Bacon '96.

3 p. m.- W. Stackpole 98-C. S. B. Carter '98.

3.30 p. m.- H. S. Dennison-M. G. Beaman.

4 p. m.- A. W. Hall '96-G. W. Pierpont.

2.30 p. m.- R. M. Johnson '98-W. C. Blodgett '96.

2.30 p. m.- J. B. Read L. S.- C. R. Marvin '99.

4 p. m.- R. McKittrick-H. C. Laverack '99.

3 p. m.- P. N. Bacon-A. J. Hess.

In case of rain or if the courts are unfit for use, notice will be posted at Leavitt's and the tournament will begin on Tuesday, in which case the times of the matches will appear in the CRIMSON. Balls may be had in the Carey building, but must be returned after using. The result of each match must be left at Leavitt and Peirce's immediately. Matches are best two in three advantage sets, except the finals, which are three in five.

The doubles will begin on Wednesday, and the entrey list will be held open until 6 p. m. Tuesday, at Leavitt and Peirce's.

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