End Formation Taught the Football Men Yesterday.

The interference in which both ends take part was taught the 'varsity football men yesterday. The theory of it was explained to them in a half hour's talk, with the aid of a blackboard. On this account the men were late in coming out.

Three elevens were formed, each practicing the end formation by itself, for some time. Then the second and third elevens lined up against each other. Weld and Cozzens again played on the second eleven. Weld was forced to retire again because he sustained a wrench of his weak knee.

After the second and third elevens had played for a time, and when it was already getting dark the first eleven lined up against the second eleven. Although the backs of the first eleven were all old men, who ought to be thoroughly acquainted with the interference which was used last year, yet they could make no gains against the second eleven. The first eleven was held for four downs time and again, but it was allowed to keep the ball.

Fuller, Doucette, Sargent and Hennen, on the second eleven, did some very effective work in stopping centre plays. The first eleven did not succeed in scoring until it was already dark, even then the touchdown was due rather to the individual work of C. Brewer and Wrightington than to the new interference.

Stevenson reported for practice again yesterday after an absence of more than a week. Gonterman, Gould and Holt did not show up for prrctice yesterday. It is not probable that Gould will be out again, but Holt and Gonterman are expected out again today. Yesterday's line-up was:


Cabot, l.e. r.e., Selfridge.

Haughton, l.t. r.t., Connor.

Rice, l.g. r.g., Hennen.

Shaw, c. c., Doucette.

Jaffray, r.g. l.g., Sargent.

Donald, r.t. l.t., Fuller, Ladd.

Townsend, r.e. l.e., Brown.

A. Brewer, r.e.

Borden, q.b. q.b., Beale.

C. Brewer, h.b. h. b., Knox.

Wrightington, h.b. h.b., Cozzens.

Dunlop, f.b. f.b., Gierasch.