HARVARD SHOOTING CLU$.- Shoots Thursday and Friday at 2.45 p. m. sharp. Match B and the fall handicap match will be shot. 21 3

SONS OF REST ELEVEN.- Be at 1 Matthews today at 1.30 p. m. to go to Milton.

IMPORTANT meeting of the executive committee of the Harvard Republican Club tonight at 7 sharp in 20 Ware.

R. C. DAVIS, Sec.PUSH BALL.- All men who wish to play in the exhibition game Saturday must come out today to practice the signals. Report at locker building on Soldiers Field at 4 o'clock dressed to play.

SHAKESPEARE CLUB.- Important meeting Oct. 16 at eight o'clock in 50 Weld. Election of officers.


J. LEONARD, Sec.LACROSSE practice today at 4 o'clock on Holmes.

W. SCOTT, Capt.