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The old Louisburg Cross which has been preserved for a long time in the University Library and which for nearly twenty years has stood over the entrance, was on last Wednesday night broken off and stolen.

This cross is one of the most valued historical relics in the possession of the University. It was exactly one hundred and fifty years ago last spring that the Massachusetts troops returning from the capture of Louisburg, brought it back with them. Where it was obtained, or just how it was disposed of at first, is not known. It came into the possession of the University, however, a long time ago, and when the Library was erected, it was set in the wall of the old transept. on the side where the stack was subsequently built, and there was an inscription with it, telling the few facts of its history.

About eighteen years ago when Dr. Winsor became Librarian of the University, he accidently came upon the cross in the cellar of the Library. It had apparently been thrown there carelessly, when the stack was erected. It was marked as the "Louisburg Cross" at the time. At Dr. Winsor's suggestion it was gilded and placed over the entrance to the Library where it has been ever since.

As yet there is no suspicion as to the identity of the thief, if indeed the act was committed by one person. The strength of the bar of iron which was wrenched apart makes it a matter of doubt whether one person could readily have done it unassisted.

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