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At the conference in New London on Thursday, between Captain Brewer and Captain Lea, there was little difficulty in coming to an agreement as to the eligibility of players and playing rules.

The only matter which was discussed at much lenght was that of the date. Harvard's choice was Nov. 9, and Princeton's November 2. Princeton had a game scheduled with Cornell for November 9, but agreed to yield the date if Harvard would arrange matters with Cornell. Since then the Cornell management has said that it cannot change its schedule, and so November 2 has been accepted for the Princeton game. This was decided yesterday at a meeting of the coaches held after the practice. Captain Brewer has wired Princeton to this effect.

There was no trouble over the eligibilty of players, The report that Princeton intended to play Wheeler was incorrect. The rules about eligibility of players are practically the same at both colleges.

As to the playing rules, there was no difficulty in reaching an agreement. The rule regarding a fair catch will be that the man who catches a punt can run if he first touches the ball to the ground.

Five men besides the quarterback can be played behind the line, but three centre men must stay in the line. No player can start before the ball is put in play.

The officials will be appointed in accordance with the Harvard-Pennsylvania Cornell agreement. There will be an umpire, a referee and two linesmen, the umpire and referee to be approved by the graduate advisers of both colleges.

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