Harvard Engineering Society.

The first regular meeting of the Harvard Engineering Society was held last evening in Room 1 L. S. S.

Announcement was made of a lecture to be given on November 15 by Colonel H. G. Proud of the Railway Gazette, New York. His subject will be the story of the development of steel rail and it is also hoped that he may speak on his experiences in the Soudan. Three other lectures besides this are being arranged, but nothing has yet been definitely decided.

Several changes were made in the constitution, after which the following elections were made:

Civil Engineers-J. Morris Rogers, Jr., '99 L. S. S., M. H. Wright '97, Walter R. Harper '99 L. S. S., J. A. Butler '98, F. W. Morse '99 L. S. S.

Electrical Engineers-Warren Partridge, Charles Steward.

Mechanical Engineer-C. S. Dow '97.

Mr. J. F. Brandes of Buenos Ayres, Argentine, lectured most interestingly on Engineering in South and Central America and spoke of the great possibilities of the country if properly developed.

After him Mr. H. F. Giese made the society a short address.