Individual Criticism of the Ninety-Seven Players.

Following is an individual criticism of the members of the junior football team.

Rantoul, the captain and right end plays his position well. He gets down quickly on kicks and interferes well. His chief fault is an inclination to tackle too high.

Pitts at right tackle plays a conscientious game but is liable to get pocketed, In case one of the ends is hurt he will be moved out to end, and a substitute put in at tackle.

Ladd at right guard takes good care of his position and frequently makes good tackles. He follows the ball well and is good at breaking through.

Fitzgerald at centre is the hardest worker on the team and may always be depended upon to follow the ball closely.


Williams at left guard pays too much attention to his man, thus losing sight of the play. He can be depended upon, however, to put up a good defensive game.

Sleeper at left tackle is the steadiest man on the team. He always plays the same game and can be counted on to do some good tackling.

Fenno at left end is the best tackle on the eleven. He gets in hard and low and usually manages to drop on the ball whenever it is fumbled.

Garrison at quarterback runs the team with good judgment and makes them play a snappy game. He is playing back when the opposing side has the ball.

The backs are extremely slow in getting off and often give the play away before the ball comes back.

Warren at left halfback runs hard and low when he has the ball but fails to get into the interference and does not do as much tackling as he should in the line.

Sanders, the right halfback is apt to misunderstand signals and runs too high with the ball. He is, however, one of the best tacklers on the team.

Hallowell and Little at fullback are having a close race. Hallowell is valuable chiefly for his kicking but is not so good in going through the centre as Little. The latter is somewhat better also on the defensive. Hallowell has been playing quarter up to a few days ago.

Prescott and Scott the substitute backs play well but are somewhat light for the interference. Prescott is good on the defense and breaks up the opposing interference well. He is apt to fumble however, and is liable to run back to escape a tackler.

Scott dives through the line well but is slow in getting started on round the end plays.

Prouty, one of the substitutes for end, tackles fairly well but is poor on getting down on kicks. He does well considering his light weight.

Phelps, the substitute tackle plays a conscientious game but lacks experience at this position.

Dexter and Collins, the substitute guards, also lack experience but may be counted on to do their part. Collins breaks through quite frequently but tackles high. Dexter does not watch the ball closely enough and is often fooled by his man.