MANDOLIN CLUB.- Rehearsal tonight at 7 o'clock in 9 Matthews.

H. R. STORRS.THE first meeting of the Catholic Club of Harvard University will be held Tuesday evening, Oct. 29, in Sever 5, at 7.30 o'clock. There will be an election of officers for the year. All Catholic members of the University are invited to attend.

HARVARD SHOOTING CLUB.- Shoot this afternoon at 2.45. Handicap and special matches.

VARSITY GLEE CLUB.- Rehearsal this afternoon at 5 o'clock.

J. A. CARPENTER, Sec.FRESHMAN CREW.- The freshman crew will not row till Monday.


J. R. BULLARD, JR.PUSH BALL PRACTICE.- Candidates report at Locker building, Soldiers Field, dressed to play at 4.15 sharp today. Ninety-eight men who are interested in forming a class push ball team to play against the freshman between halves of the Harvard-Cornell game Saturday report to me on Soldiers Field this afternoon at practice. Football material solicited.

E. R. CRANE.CYCLING ASSOCIATION,- Run today to Chestnut Hill Reservoir, leaving gymnasium at 4 o'clock sharp. Every member of the University who rides a wheel is cordially invited.

H. C. BURDETT, Capt.ALL members of the University who wish to join the H. A. A. may do so by applying at Thurston's. Subscription $5.00.

All competitors in the fall games must join the H. A. A. before they can take part.