The Second Eleven Lines Up Against '96 and '98.

The 'varsity eleven did not do much work yesterday afternoon. The men practiced the different plays for three-quaters of an hour but did not line-up for the regular practice game. The coachers thought it best for the men to have a rest yesterday and today so that they will be in good condition for tomorrow's game.

The second eleven, however, was lined up against two of the class elevens, first against '96 and then against '98. It had an easy time with both. In the line-up against '96 the second eleven made two touchdowns. The seniors were weak behind the line and could not gain at any time when they had the ball.

Norton and McKittrick tackled well, while Fox held Hoague in good shape. Sargent was too much for Curtis who had to retire.

The line-up was:



Moulton, l. e. r. e., Norton.

Sargent, l. t. r. t., Curtis, Dyer.

Rice, l.g. r.g., Merriman.

Hoague, c. c., Fox.

Sprague, r. g. l.g., Paine.

Haughton, r.t. l.t., Bull.

Townsend, r.e. l.e., Selfridge.

Beale, q.b. q.b., McKittrick.

Hamlen, h.b. h.b., Lee.

Fennessy, h.b. h.b., Morton, Harrison.