The Prospect Union Review.

The first number of the Prospect Union Review for this year has just been issued. The paper consists of some eight pages of reading matter. It is issued by the Prospect Union in the interests of the school twice a month during the college year and twice during the summer vacation.

There are two articles worthy of especial mention in the present number, the first relates to the incorporation of the Union and reads as follows:

"Steps are now being taken toward the incorporation of the Prospect Union, so that it may hold property. It is proposed that the corporation consist of about 25 persons, some of them from among the givers to our building fund, some of them from the active membership of the union. President Eliot and Professors Norton and Peabody will represent the Faculty of the University. Mr. John Graham Brooks, Bishop Lawrence and Rev. David N. Beach are other persons who have consented to serve on the corporation. The present Building Committee will be included: Messrs. Raymond, Corcoran, Reardon, Wright and Meyers."

Another notice of interest is one concerning a change of name for the school. The Review says on this subject:

"The name Prospect Union has never fully satisfied a portion of our members and friends. Now that we are to be incorporated, it is necessary to settle finally this question of the name. Various suggestions have been made, but thus far no substitute for the present name, pleasing to any large number, has been suggested. Though it may mean nothing to persons not familiar with our work, Prospect Union has come to mean much to many of us both in college and in Cambridge and Boston. Perhaps it would be wise to let well enough alone."


The contents of the number are as follows:

Abou Ben Adhem, Leigh Hunt.

Not a Mere Evening School.

The Brotherhood of Men, Schopenhauer.

Courses of Study, 1895-96.

Wednesday Evening Meetings.

The Summer Outings.

Evening Outings.

Certificates for Prospect Union Students.

Directory of Building.