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At the rehearsal of "Le Malade Imaginaire" last night at Professor de Sumichrast's house a provisional reassignment of parts was made. All the men seemed to take very easily to their parts and give promise of good performances. The principal change made last night was the temporary assignment of Cram to the part of Toinette. Hitherto no one has been found of sufficient ability to enter with success into this lively character. Pitts, who played Argante so successfully last year, will probably take Cram's place as M. Diafoirus. The assignments are:

Argan, H. Schurz '97.

Beralde, H. G. Gray '97, F. Gratwick '97.

Cleante, D. H. Morris '96.

M. Diafoirus, S. Pitts '97.

Diafoirus fils,

F. Kinnicutt '97, A. Z. Reed '97.

M. Purgon,

G. Hills '97, G. Calkins '97, J. Hayden '97.

M. Fleurant, G. W. Knoblauch '97.

M. de Bonnefoi,

M. E. Stone '97, L. Hildreth '96.


H. C. Haseltine '99, F. Goodridge '97.

Angelique, E. G. Knoblauch '96.

Toinette, W. H. Cram '97.

Not very much has yet been done on the ballet, because of difficulty in getting a hall for rehearsal, but it is expected that rehearsals will begin in a week or two. R. Soutter Med. and V. Munro '96, will probably do most of the coaching. Music is being written by A. Hyde '96, J. A. Carpenter '97, C. L. Smith '97, and J. P. Hayden '97. D. H. Morris '96, is also composing the music for his duet with Angelique in the play.

Beside the two ballets there is to be the "Ceremonie du Doctorat," a burlesque on the initiation ceremonies of a doctor. About 47 men, apothecaries, doctors, surgeous and medicine carriers, take part in the ceremony, which is intensely comical by reason of its apparent seriousness.

The next general rehearsal of the play will be next Thursday at Professor de Sumicharast's house.

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