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The coaching yesterday afternoon at the regular varsity practice was again very efficient. Adams, who was behind the 'varsity, got a great deal of spirit into the play. Newell took care of the tackles. Cranston and Mackie followed the centre men carefully, while Lewis encouraged the second eleven and Mr. Deland, as usual, directed the style of play. Dr. Brooks and Dr. Conant were also on the field, and although they did no active work they watched every play carefully.

The playing was very aggressive throughout. The rushing of the first eleven was as good as it has been this year, while the punting of Hayes and Hamlen was very fair. There was an attempt at interference several times, and once or twice it succeeded, but most of the plays were directed at the tackles and guards. On one occasion the breaking through of the first eleven on one of Hamlen's punts was commendable. It shows what the eleven can do when the line men make an effort.

Neither Cabot nor Donald was in the practice, Moulton and Haughton taking their places. C. Brewer was hurt early in the game and was forced to retire. His injury, however, is not a serious one and will not keep him from playing. The chief trouble with Brewer, as well as with Cabot and Donald, seems to be that of overtraining. F. Shaw was also given a rest yesterday afternoon. Doucette played in his place. Fairchild played in Dunlop's place, as the latter is not in very good condition.

Wrightington played a good all-round game yesterday. He went into the line hard and low, and kept his feet well. He entered into the interference with a dash that resembled his former good work. Always when he ran with the ball it was evident that he was putting forth his best energy.

This was also true of Hayes, who took Brewer's place. When he once got started it was very hard to down him. Several of his long runs, with good blocking, helped the 'varsity to score three times.

In catching punts, however, Hayes was weak, dropping the ball about once in every two chances. His punting was quick and sure.

On the second, Hamlen could generally be relied upon when called to punt, but once his punt was blocked near the goal line. His tackling was hard and his persistent efforts to advance the ball deserve credit. Hamlen has shown a steady improvement in all his work during the past month.

After the regular practice game, Newell gave the tackles some extra practice, while Mackie, Lewis and Cranston helped the centre and guards.

The line-up was:


Moulton, l.e. r.e., Brown.

Rice, l.t. r.t., Merriman.

Holt, l.g. r.g., Jaffray.

Doucette, c. c., Hoague.

N. Shaw, r.g. l.g., Hennen.

Haughton, r.t. l.t., Stevenson.

Newell, r.e. l.e., Wadsworth.

Beale, q.b. q.b., Borden.

Wrightington, l.h.b. r.h.b., Davis.

C. Brewer, r.h.b. l.h.b., Gierasch.

Hayes, r.h.b. f.b., Hamlen

Fairchild, f.b.

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