Harvard Freshmen vs. Pennsylvania Freshmen.

The football game between the freshman elevens of Harvard and the University of Pennsylvania will be played this afternoon at Franklin Field, in Philadelphia. Both teams are exceptionally strong for freshman teams, and a hard earned victory may be expected for the side that wins.

Following is the line-up of both elevens:


Richardson, l. e. r. e., Hedges.

Haughton, l. t. r. t., De Silver.

Lloyd, l. g. r. g., Stearns.

Fairbank, c. c., Andrews.

Jaffray, r. g. l. g., Whelen.

Sargent, r. t. l. t., Horner.

Cochrane, r. e. l. e., Oglesby.

Farley, q. b. q. b., Harrison.

Dayton, l. h. b. r. h. b., Johnson.

Adams. r. h. b. l. h. b., Fortescue.

Dibblee, f. b. f. b., Morice.