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In order to prevent tearing up the regular field, the practice of the 'varsity was on the open freshman field yesterday afternoon. The practice was very disappointing. It was hoped the men would take hold with a will after Thursday's game with the B. A. A., but they were slow in all the work.

Previous to lining up all the men were taken to the dummy where each man had his turn at tackling under Newell's direction. The work did not satisfy Newell at all. After the preliminary practice of signals the two elevens lined up as follows:


Cabot, l. e. r. e., Duff.

Rice, l. t. r. t., Hallowell.

Holt, l. g. r. g., Merriman.

F. Shaw, c. c., Hoague.

Doucette, r. g. l. g., Tiffany.

Connor, r. t. l. t., Stevenson.

Newell, r. e. l. e., Moulton.

Borden, q. b. q. b., Beale.

Wrightington, l. h. b. r. h. b., Hayes.

Hamlen, r. h. b. l. h. b., Gierasch.

Fairchild, f. b. f. b., Brown.

The practice was 35 minutes long. After a short time Cabot had to retire on account of an injury he received. His place was taken by Moulton, Bull going in at left end on the second.

F. Shaw was also slightly injured and had to give way to Doucette. As there was no substitute guard on the field Mackie played right guard on the 'varsity for the rest of the afternoon.

The wet field and long grass were responsible for much of the fumbling and slipping, but nevertheless both quarterbacks were much to blame for the poor work. Beale was just as slow as ever.

The combined efforts of coaches Deland, Lewis, Newell, Adams and Waters did not succeed in getting any snap into the work.

In the line Holt and Rice broke through and tackled well, while Newell, as usual, followed the ball closely. Hayes punted well, but otherwise played listlessly. Fairchild made one of the two touchdowns for the 'varsity by getting through Stevenson and running about 80 yards across the goal line.

C. Brewer was on the field but took no part in the regular practice. He and Dunlop punted for a time. N. Shaw sustained a slight injury in the B. A. A. game and stood on the side line. Donald, too, was given a rest.

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