Civil Engineering at Cornell.

An interesting report has been made by the director of the College of Civil Engineering at Cornell University.

Professor Fuertes, the director of the college, has classified its alumni in groups, which are seven in number. In the first group there are I18 alumni, of whom eight are presidents of railroads, eight are presidents of industrial corporations, seventeen are city engineers, thirty-five are engineers in practice, five are consulting engineers, nine are contractors, and thirty-seven are chief engineers, managers, or superintendents of bridge companies, railroads, waterworks and other municipal works, manufacturing establishments and organized corporations.

In the second group there are thirty-seven alumni, of whom twenty-two are professors in colleges and the others associate professors or instructors. In the third, fourth, and fifth groups there are 111 alumni, nearly all of whom are assistant chiefs or assistant engineers for manufactories, municipal works, industrial corporations, railroads and bridge companies. In the sixth group there are fifty-two alumni, one-half of whom are mining, mechanical or electrical engineers; the others are architects, shipbuilders, patent lawyers, or in the service of foreign governments. In the seventh and last group there are twenty-two alumni, among whom are clergymen, merchants, bankers, farmers, fruit growers, a judge, a physician, and two "politicians."

Director Fuertes has thus accounted for 341 of the 386 alumni. Of the other forty-five, twenty-eight have died and seventeen had not been heard from when the census of the college was completed.