H. U. C. A. Road Race.

This afternoon, weather permitting, the five-mile handicap road race of the Cycling Association, which was postponed from Monday, will take place at 4 p. m., starting from the Hemenway Gymnasium.

Following are the officials, entries and handicap of starters:

Referee-Montague Chamberlain.

Judges-N. W. Bingham, H. C. Lakin, F. A. Burlingame.

Timers-A. A. Saville, R. S. Jackson, V. Munroe.


Scorers-C. M. Weld, F. M. Weld.

Starter-J. W. Schereschewsky.

Clerk of Course-W. R. Mansfield.

1, F. S. Elliot, scratch; 2, H. C. Burdette, 10s.; 3, J. F. Wood, 15s.; 4, W. R. Brinckerhoff, 30s.; 5, H. H. Brown, 30s.; 6, H. H. Richards, 45s.; 7, E. S. Hatch, 45s.; 8, A. B. Holmes, 1m.; 9, E. W. Capen, 1m.; 10, W. E. Putnam, 1m.; 1I, F. V. Stone, 1m. 30s.; 12, E. A. Bumpus, 1m. 30s.; 13, A. E. Dacy, 1m. 45s.; 14, L. F. Smith, 1m. 45s.; 15, F. A. Russell, 2m.; 16, H. P. Walker, 2m.; 17, R. L. Chipman, 2m.; 18, F. B. Carter, 2 m.; 19, H. Coonley, 2m.; 20, H. R. Storrs, 2m. 15s.; 21, E. H. Clark, 2m. 15s,; 22, W. A. Wight, 2m. 30s.; 23, J. E. Rousmaniere, 2m. 30s.; 24, C. H. Williams, 2m. 30s.; 25, F. V. Alexandre, 28m. 30s.; 25, A. Wood, 3m.; 27, Wm. D. Eaton, 3m.; 28, G. Bancroft, 3m.

As the race has been twice postponed we print the course again, for the benefit of those who may have forgotten.

Start at Gymnasium, Garden street; l., Mason street; Brattle street to Mt. Auburn Bridge; right fork, Belmont street; l., Gore street; returning via Brattle, Mason, Garden streets to Gymnasium.