Indiana Harvard Club.

To the Editors of the Crimson:

The reception to the Musical Clubs at Indianapolis last winter was merely the meeting of the Harvard Indiana Club. The club, though formed in November, 1886, to celebrate Harvard's 250th anniversary, was comparatively inactive until March 1891, when the visit of President Eliot to Indianapolis awakened the enthusiasm of Harvard men all over the state. Since then the club has had a steady growth, with at least one meeting a year.

It seems, therefore, as if Mr. Kales chose a peculiarly unfortunate example to prove his point. It was the enthusiasm left over from the president's visit which made last year's concert a success. It is not strange that the Glee Club gentlemen were unaware of the previous existence of the Indiana Harvard Club, since the musical clubs only resort to those cities where the Harvard organizations have gained sufficient strength to ensure them good receptions.