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The Catholic Club held a meeting last night in the Fogg Art Musem at which Rev. Father O'Callaghan delivered an address on Liberalism and Liberality. He spoke of the wide gulf between these two words and snowed how the Catholics took Liberality and not Liberalism as their motto. Here at Harvard truth has only to prove itself to be believed, and if shallow opinions have been believed it is only because they have been presented to us under the garb of truth.

The typical position in the minds of Liberals is a suspension of judgment.

If a matter has been carefully weighed, some definite conclusions must be reached. Every man having arrived at his determination ought to assert the right to trust the inductions of his reason. Let him be staunch and uncompromising in upholding the truth as he sees it and condemn the evil.

Perhaps he may be wrong, but far better have false opinions than have none at all. The unpardonable sin is inertia; a man who is not firm becomes nothing more than a nonenity.

It is necessary to have an intellectual intolerance, and a logical condemnation of all contradictions.

This is far different from bigotry. Liberality permits us to be men of the firmest convictions, fearless of all that is fault. It does not give us a scorn for other creeds, but brings us confidence in our own and makes the truth more evident. Let the world know the truth. Let the church be known, and the beauty of her features will make every man do her reverence.

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