Princeton Plays a Good, Up=hill Game in the Second Half.

Yale defeated Princeton on Saturday by the score of 20 to 10, before a crowd of 28,000. The game was well played and exciting throughout, and was characterized by old-fashioned, straight football, with few tricks, or mass plays. Though one man, Rosengarten of Princeton, was ruled off for slugging, the playing on the whole was clean, and free from unnecessary roughness.

In the line, neither side had much advantage, but Yale's backs were much stronger than those of Princeton, both in punting and rushing. Princeton also fumbled badly at times. Both sides were good on the offensive. Yale made long gains through the centre, and attacked that point in Princeton's line most frequently, though her end interference was also effective.

The feature of the game was Thorne's magnificent work. He made several brilliant runs, one of 40 yards, which carried the ball to Princeton's 15 yard line and was soon followed by a touchdown, and another for the same distance, when he dodged through almost the whole Princeton team and scored himself. He also broke through and blocked a kick on Princeton's 12 yard line, and made a touchdown on a double pass, the very next play. In punting as well, Thorne distinguished himself, outplaying his opponent, Baird.

Other good individual plays were a run of 50 yards for a touchdown, by Bass, with good interference by Murphy, and a blocked kick and touchdown by Tyler, the Princeton tackle. Rosengarten played well at half for Princeton, and for Yale, Murphy's work was excellent.

For 20 minutes in the first half the play was very even, though Princeton seemed slightly the stronger. But Yale braced up, and before the half ended succeeded in scoring two touchdowns, one by Bass's long run, the other by short rushes of Jerrems, DeWitt and Thorne, aided by the failure of the kick which Thorne blocked.


In the second half Yale scored another touchdown, missing the goal, but in the face of certain defeat Princeton fought pluckily, and made two touchdowns after the score was 16 to 0 against them. Just at the end, however, Thorne's second touchdown showed Yale's superiority to be unquestionable. Final score, Yale 20, Princeton 10.

The line-up was as follows:


Bass, l.e. r.e., Cochran.

Rodgers, l.t. r.t., Tyler.

Chadwick, l.g. r.g., Rhodes.

H. P. Cross, c. c., Gailey.

W. R. Cross, r.g. l.g., Wentz, Riggs.

Murphy, r.t. l.t., Church.

Hinkey, r.e. l.e., Thompson, Lea.