Official Notice.

ENGLISH 9.- Hour examination, November 11. Graduates need not be present.

LEWIS E. GATES.HISTORY 7.- Theses of 1894-95 may be obtained at the Recorder's office until November 15. Those remaining after that date will be destroyed.

E. EMERTON.40 2t

GERMAN C, sections I and II.- Hour examination this morning at nine o'clock.

H. K. SCHILLING.PHILOSOPHY 19 (Methods of Teaching Elementary Science).- The first exercise in this course will occur on Thursday, November 7, at 4.30 p. m., in Sever 8.


PAUL H. HANUS.GRADUATE FELLOWSHIP AND SCHOLARSHIP.- The Henry Lee Memorial Fellowship for the study of Political Economy has become vacant through resignation.

Applications for appointment to this fellowship and also to a vacant scholarship in the Graduate School, the latter being open to a student in any department of study, should be presented at my office, No. 10 University Hall, on or before Monday, November 11.

All persons who wish to be considered in the assignment of these appointments are requested to present new applications or to give notice at my office that they desire to renew former applications. This request is made in order to ensure the consideration of all actual candidates, and to eliminate names which no longer require the attention of the Fellowship Committee.

Persons who wish to be considered with reference to the Henry Lee Memorial Fellowship are advised to give special notice to that effect.

J. M. PEIRCE, Dean.