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[Below is printed part of a communication received at this office. Lack of space prevents its being published entire.]

"To the Editors of the Crimson:

"The extraordinary editorials that have appeared in the columns of your paper the last two issues have naturally excited considerable feeling among many students.

"We all recognize and acquiesce in the well-known state of affairs that there are ranks in Harvard College. There are the rich and luxurious, those who have departed so far from the ideals of the fathers that honest labor honestly done is something disgraceful. There are those that have never known anything but lives of toil and sacrifice for the results they have; those to whom labor and poverty cannot be disgraceful because these are the central facts of their lives. I say we are all aware of this state of affairs: but I doubt if in the memory of many of us the contempt that the former class bears to the latter has received such audacious expression as in the last two issues of the CRIMSON.

"It may be said that the poor fellow that works at Foxcroft is hypersensitive. But I venture to deny that: I venture to say that the pride that rebels at a public expression of superiority from a mere idler, son of his father, devourer of labors of other hands is a noble and amiable trait. Pity the spirit that does not resent even unintentional insult on such a delicate and sacred feeling. I have no doubt the statement of the editor of the CRIMSON that he intended no harm is perfectly true so far as conscious intention goes. But what hurts is that the farce of the class feeling should have to become so strong as unconsciously to get itself disagreeably expressed. But enough on this - the most important matter after all to which this discussion can give rise.

* * * *

Very truly yours,KERNAN ROBSON.Memorial Hall.

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