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The Choice of Captain.


To the Editors of the Crimson:

The CRIMSON in its editorial columns justly complained of the poor support which last year's ball team received from the University at large. Certainly everybody hopes to see an increase of enthusiasm during the coming season, but the realization of such a hope depends almost entirely upon the action of the Athletic Committee in the appointment of the temporary captain. The man who receives this appointment is, on account of the strong presumption thus raised, invariably elected captain. The committee's selection of any man who has shown no more than third rate ability as a player, and their passing over a man who for two years has shown himself to belong in a higher class of ability than the majority of the team would give the death blow to Harvard's hopes of success in baseball, and would nip in the bud the good resolutions of the great body of students to give this year's ball team hearty support. The Athletic Committee in making their choice should weigh the advantage in favor of a player of proved ability of almost the unanimous support of the graduates and undergraduates against such objections, not well substantiated, as slowness or "lack of head."

If a third rate player is chosen, talk of favoritism will at once spread over the University, and many men will be discouraged from coming out as candidates for the team. A captain who is a third rate player can not have the respect of his men; his judgment in assisting to make up the team can not be relied on; he is bound to be a failure in every way. The success of the team is of small importance. however, compared with the great principal which this election involves. The names of the candidates need not be mentioned, but if we are to have true democracy in Harvard athletics; if we ever hope to give the lie to that too common talk of "clique-favoritism," and "prep-school pull" in the make-up of our teams, now is the time for the Athletic Committee to put an act on record.


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