Hemenway Gymnasium Notice.

The Gymnasium will be open for regular exercise on Thursday morning, January 2, at 11 o'clock. At 9 o'clock applications for lockers will be received.

In order to facilitate their assignment, one man will be allowed to make selection for friends who may wish lockers in the same section.

To make this assignment acceptable at the office it will be necessary for those wishing to receive their lockers by proxy, to send in their signatures by the man making application.

The lockers will then be reserved and each student will be financially responsible for the lockers so secured.

It is hoped that this arrangement will avoid the inconvenience caused by personal application and in addition, enable those who rent lockers to be located in desirable sections.


Prices vary according to proximity to baths and are let for the college year as follows:

On the first floor, numbers 1633-1816 inclusive and 1163-1348 inclusive, at $2.50 each. Numbers 1349-1632 inclusive, at $3.00 each.

On the second floor, numbers 947-1162 inclusive and 445-662 inclusive, at $2.50 each. Numbers 663-946 inclusive, at $3.00 each.

On the third floor, numbers 1-444 inclusive and also the entire basement, comprising numbers 1817-2500 inclusive, at $2.00 each.

Hours for exercising will remain as usual.

D. A. SARGENT, Director. December 19, 1895.