Literary Notices.

The contents of the Christmas number of Scribner's Magazine is as follows:

"Lauren's Alma-Tadema, R. A., Cosmo Monkhouse.

"The Amazing Marriage." Chapters XLV.- XLVI., George Meredith.

"A White Blot"- The Story of a Picture," Henry van Dyke.

"The Joy of the Hills," Charles Edwin Markham.

Wild Beasts as They Live," Captain C. J. Mellis, Ninth Regiment, Bombay Infantry.

"On a Forgotten By-way-From an Office Window,"

A. E. Watrous."Wood-Engravers," A. Lepere.

"Starlight," George de Clyver Curtis.

"The Colonel's'Nigger Dog',"

Joel Chandler Harris."Blandian," Edward S. Martin.

"The Kinetoscope of Time,"

Brander Matthews."The Staying Power of Sir Rohan"- A Christmas Story, Frank R. Stockton.

"The River Syndicate,"

Charles E. Carry l."Sing Again," M. L. Van Vorst.

"The Heroism of Landers,"

Arthur Stanwood Pier."Happiness," Elizabeth C. Cardozo.

"The Point of View,"

The Christmas Present-George

Eliot-Our Civilization and Others.