NEW HAVEN, Nov. 30, 1895.

The progress on the Phelps Memorial gateway has been rapid in the last two weeks. The work of putting up the seventh tier of iron work is being rapidly pushed and when this is finished only one tier will remain to be added. About twenty-five feet is yet to be built and when complete the building is to have six stories and a loft. The gateway will take a long step toward the complete enclosing of the campus, which is now practically accomplished from Dufie to the Art School, about half the entire distance.

A Civil Service Reform Association will probably soon be organized in the university. An informal meeting was recently held to discuss the advisability of the scheme and it seemed that such an organization would be a most useful addition to Yale's working force. The association, if formed, will not try to hold regular meetings, but will have them occasionally and will introduce several speakers prominent in the movement. An open meeting will be held next Wednesday, when informal addresses will be made by members of the faculty and measures effected toward the formation of a permanent organization.

Considerable interest will be taken by Yale men in the rendering of Gounod's "Redemption," by the Gounod Society of New Haven early in December, and a number will be in the choruses. The Boston Festival Orchestra will give the orchestral music and Mr. W. Scheucker, of the Boston Symphony, will be harpist.

Mr. Du Chaillu's lecture was well attended, and as interesting as his always are. His original theory of the settlement of England by the Vikings attracted much notice, well-known as it is to many.

A large crowd saw the Princeton-Yale freshman game on Wednesday. Yale '99 won principally from superior team work, but the game was very close, especially in the first part of the second half. The report of the Princeton game shows a profit of $15,000 for each Association. Speculation in tickets was effectually checked on the part of Yale men, but a worse evil appeared with some counterfeit tickets from New York. At one time it was feared that over a thousand had been victimized, but less than a hundred tickets were presented. The series of five baseball games with Princeton has been arranged for next season. They will come on dates between May 16 and June 23, two games to be played on each home grounds and one on neutral. The Alumni Weekly is making earnest efforts to satisfy its increasing list of subscribers and an excellent paper is the result of the time and labor that is now given it. The last number of the Courant observed its 30th anniversary. The Record has issued its first poster, which in date and subject may be commemorative of Saturday's game. It is by R. M. Crosby '98, whose work on the Horse Show in Harper's Weekly was noticeable.