University Calendar.

9. Monday.

President and Fellows of Harvard College. Meeting at No. 50 State street, Boston, 10 a. m.

Seminary of American History and Institutions. The Sinister Purposes of France during the American Revolution. Dr. Justin Winsor. University 20, 3.30 p. m.

Physical Colloquium. On the Thermal Unit. Mr. W. D. Collins. Jefferson Physical Laboratory, Room 24, 5 p. m.

Open to the public.

Harvard Religious Union. Weekly Meeting. Parlors of the First Parish Church, 6.45 p. m.

Open to all members of the University.

Seminary of Economics. The Taxation of Personal Property in Massachusetts. Mr. E. W. Hooper. University 23, 7.30 p. m.

Botanical Club. Paper: "My Collection of Seedlings." Mr. Walter Deane. University Museum, Room 12, 7.30 p. m.

Open to all members of the University.

Student Volunteer Work. Conference of Workers, at the house of Professor Peabody, 13 Kirkland street, at 7.45 o'clock.