Baseball Notes.

Captain Whittemore and Manager White met Captain Rustin and Manager McKee of the Yale nine at Springfield last Saturday, and made arrangements for the Harvard-Yale series.

The first game will be played in Cambridge, Thursday, June 20, the day before Class Day. On the following Tuesday the second game will be played in New Haven, and in case of a tie the teams will meet again in New York on Saturday, June 29. Mr. Young, president of the National League, will be asked to select a National League umpire to officiate in this series and the identity of the man is to be kept secret until a few minutes before the game.

The dates of the Brown series have not yet been definitely determined, but it is probable that all arrangements will be completed in a few days.

The candidates for the freshman team are to meet in the Trophy Room this evening, and the 'varsity candidates will be called out later in the week.

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