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After a Rocky Year, Harvard Faces an Uncertain Economic Climate in 2021, Hollister Says

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Harvard did win and by a good margin, though the latter appeared less in the size of the score than in the general control of the game which our eleven showed in the second half. It was gratifying and encouraging to see the snap and life with which the play began, continued to the last. That Michigan was a strong opponent became evident at the outset, but that Harvard was stronger was clear before the game was far advanced. Every player seemed to be doing his best and all worked together better than it has been the happiness of Harvard men to see them do for a long time. The hearty cheering which was kept up during the game showed that the efforts of the men did not lack thorough appreciation.

Now that interest centres almost entirely on the Pennsylvania game, members of the University should unite in giving a generous support to Mr. Deland, Captain Brewer and the men working under them. Such support is a curious, intangible thing. It is more a state of mind than anything else which makes itself known in the atmosphere of the University. But nothing can be easier than to tell when it is present or absent.

Let every man see that his own attitude is right in this matter.

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