Athletics on Soldiers Field.

Harvard athletics are gradually working towards Soldiers Field. The next branch of athletics to go, - not altogether permanently, however, - is baseball. The 'varsity will begin its outdoor practice on the field, but will later move back to Holmes Field, where a "scalped" diamond will be prepared as soon as the ground has become sufficiently dried for removing the turf. This "skinned" diamond will be a great improvement over the old turf one which was so uneven, and remained wet and soggy for such a long time after a rain that not only games but regular practice were interfered with.

The freshman nine, which comes next in interest to the 'varsity, will be obliged to remain on Soldiers Field the whole spring. A temporary diamond will be laid out for its use between the football enclosure and the street. When the 'varsity leaves the diamond which will be prepared on the old freshman football grounds north of the football enclosure, this diamond will probably be turned over to the freshman team. The rest of the class teams will also practice on Soldiers Field.

The lacrosse team, which has been practicing faithfully all winter, will have the 'varsity football grounds. The dimensions of the enclosure are well suited for the game.

Thus the athletic interests of the University will be pretty equally divided this spring between Holmes Field with the Mott Haven and baseball teams and tennis, and Soldiers Field with the freshman and the rest of the class baseball teams, the lacrosse team, and the crews near by on the Charles River.