University Organizations.

'Varsity Banjo Club.

The trials of candidates for the 'Varsity Banjo Club, held Monday and Tuesday evenings brought out an abundance of good material. The ten men taken on for further trial all show considerable ability and can doubtless be worked into a good club. The new men must call at 2 Hilton's at 7 o'clock this evening, for their new music, as rehearsals will begin almost immediately.

The following were taken on for further trial:

Banjeaurines - E. D. Mulford '97, E. L. Millard '98, N. Perkins '98.

Banjos - A. S. Knudsen '96, J. Harrison '96, F. F. Lamson '97.

Guitars - G. Gray '96, H. G. Hooper '98, H. E. Pickering '97, D. J. Fales '97.

Freshman Debating Club.The question of challenging the Yale Freshman Union to a joint debate will be considered at the regular meeting of the Freshman Debating Club tonight. Officers for the second half-year will be elected. The debate will be on the question: "Resolved, That capital punishment is justifiable."

Chess and Whist Club.At the meeting of the Chess and Whist Club in the D. U. Rooms last night, Mr. Franklin K. Young, for many years champion chess player of New England, gave an exhibition of simultaneous play. Out of eleven simultaneous games Mr. Young won all but four and of these three were drawn. The names of the players and of the winners, together with the openings, are given below:

Opening. Winner.

1. Dunn Sicilian Young.

2. Ryder Evans Gambit Drawn.

3. Holway Ruy Lopez Young.

4. Hewins Evans Gambit Young.

5. Ingraham Ruy Lopez Young.

6. Fay Guioco Piano Drawn.

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