Many Spectators Watch the 'Varsity Crew Practice.

Quite a number of visitors viewed the work of the 'varsity crew yesterday; the first day of "open" practice since the holidays. The crew went through the usual work, that is, rowed 600 strokes and spent three quarters of an hour on the pulley weights. The order was:


Hollister, Stroke, Webb.

Perkins, 7 Damon.

Stevenson, 6 Rice.

Manning, 5 Jennings.

Shepard, 4 Stevens.

Lewis, 3 Fox.

Fennessy, 2 Watriss.

Watson, Bow.

Freshman Crew.The two freshman crews rowed for a shorter time than usual yesterday, some of the time being taken up by the election of a captain. The rowing was followed by a run. The make-up of the first crew was changed by Adams's taking the place of Fuller at bow. The order was: Stroke, Rice; 7, Ames; 6, Woodward; 5, Aldrich; 4, Goodrich; 3, Butler; 2, Scull; bow, Fuller, Adams.

Senior Crew.The Ninety-five crew was very much strengthened on Monday by the appearance of Pool and Lambert, both of whom rowed in their class boat last year. The work consists of the daily run, work on the weights and a row of between four and five hundred strokes.

The crews are made up as follows: