Wendell Phillips Club.

At the meeting of the Wendell Phillips Club last night the following officers were elected: President, D. King '95; vice-president, W. S. Youngman '95; secretary, J. H. T. Martin, Jr., '96; treasurer, H. G. Gray '97; executive committee, president, vice-president and secretary (ex-officio), W. E. Hutton '95 and E. S. Page L. S.

The committee in charge of the debate between the Wendell Phillips Club and the Harvard Union reported that the debate will be held on March 8 and that the Harvard Union is to propose the subject and the Wendell Phillips Club is to have the choice of sides. The question of the Federal Elections law has been suggested but it has not been definitely decided on. W. E. Hutton '95, F. D. Pollak '96 and L. C. Renfro '95 have been appointed a committee to choose the seven speakers for the Wendell Phillips Club.

The committee on competitive debate to choose speakers for the Harvard-Princeton debate reported that Professors Cumming, Hart and Williston and Messrs. Hayes and Baker have been appointed to act as judges.

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