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List Completed Last Night. - Prices of Reserved Seats. - Order of Events.


The handicaps for the invitation events of the winter meeting as fixed by the official handicapper, are given below. The open invitation events are putting the shot and running high jump.


K. K. Kubli, H. A. A., Scratch.

C. J. Paine, H. A. A., 6 inches.

F. W. Eddy, N. A. A., 1 ft. 3 in.

E. H. Clark. H. A. A., 4 ft. 6 in.

W. G. Irwin, B. A. A., 4 ft. 6 in.

P. C. Stingel, B. A. A., 5 ft.

Edward Klein, H. A. A., 5 ft. 6 in.

T. R. Bird L. S., H. A. A., 4 ft.

J. P. Whittren, H. A. A., 3 ft.

D. R. Brine, H. A. A., 4 ft.

H. R. Johnstone L. S., H. H. A., 4 ft.


P. C. Stingell, B. A. A., Scratch.

G. C. Chaney, H. A. A., 2 1/2 inches.

A. Stickney, Jr., H. A. A., 2 inches.

W. E. Putnam, Jr. H. A. A., 1 inch.

Russell H. Loines, H. A. A., 7 inches.

R. F. Blake, B. A. A., Jr., 7 inches.

E. H. Clark, B. A. A., 1 inch.

C. J. Paine, H. A. A., 1 inch.

W. G. Irwin, B. A. A., 6 inches.

W. D. Rising, N. A. A., 6 inches.

W. H. Vincent, H. A. A., 6 inches.

J. W. Edson, H. A. A., 6 inches.

Owing to the presence of the inclined ladders which have recently been introduced into the gymnasium there will be no raised seats along the sides of the hall tomorrow. At the southern end there will be the usual tier of reserved seats. There will probably also be three rows of chairs along the sides. The seats in the gallery on the side opposite the door are also reserved; the rest of the seats in the gallery are free. The prices for reserved seats are: for those on the floor, $1.00; and for those in the gallery, 75 cents. Tickets may be obtained at Leavitt & Pierce's.

No spikes will be allowed in any of the events. The order will be as follows: Putting the shot, parallel bars, high jump, potato race, tumbling, 10 yards dash, spring-board leap, pole vault.

The games will commence at 2.30 sharp, and, as it is to be the only meeting of the year, it will be ladies day.

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