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H. D. A. Elections.


The vote for vice-president of the Harvard Dining Association last night resulted in the election of L. A. Ames '96. The election of directors resulted as follows: E. V. Frothingham and G. A. Howe from '96; A. Scott and A. K. Moe from '97; M. L. Butler and F. H. Bigelow from '98; J. L. Wood and R. S. Eskridge from the Law School; L. T. Damon from the Graduate School; and William Reed from the Divinity School.

The vote was as follows:

Vice-president - L. A. Ames '96, 370; H. H. Davenport '97, 246; scattering, 20.

Directors - From '96, E. V. Frothingham 62, G. A. Howe 62, C. N. Lathrop 55, A. Holland 22, scattering 15: from '97, A. Scott 67, A. K. Moe 62, E. W. Capen 56, T. Bowditch 45, J. D. Phillips 40, scattering 13; from '98, F. H. Bigelow 67, M. L. Butler 48, B. R. Robinson 43, B. R. Curtis 37, scattering 9; from the Law School, J. L. Wood 65, R. S. Eskridge 58, A. C. Matteson 47, G. S. T. Newell, Jr., 32; from the graduates and instructors, L. T. Damon 32, O. M. W. Sprague 8, C. T. Wentworth 7, scattering 1; from the Divinity School, W. Reed 12, scattering 1.

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