Princeton Letter.

PRINCETON, N. J., Feb. 16.

On February 5 the semi-annual examinations were completed and with them the "Honor System," which was at first more or less of an experiment was again declared a decided success and it would seem that it has come to stay. The week following these examinations is always a gay one socially and this year it was even more so than usual. The Junior Promenade took place on the evening of February 15 in the Gymnasium. Immediately preceding the Prom. there was a concert in Alexander Hall by the University Glee, Banjo and Mandolin Clubs and a large number were present. In addition to this, numerous club teas and private receptions were given during the latter part of the week.

For the last three weeks preliminary baseball practice has been going on in the Gymnasium and it was expected that the regular cage practice would be begun last Tuesday, but owing to the severe weather it has been found necessary to postpone this until it becomes milder. Seven of last year's team are yet in college and from this it would seem that the baseball prospects are bright. However, the vacancies left by McKenzie and King will be difficult ones to fill. There is an unusually large number of candidates for the team; for the position of pitcher alone there are seventeen, but on the quality of them no judgement can as yet be passed, owing to the lack of sufficient practice. Pfeffer will in all probability coach the team and will possibly begin about the middle of next week. Unless the freshman class turns out a good man for second base, Captain Brooks will doubtless play the position himself, as he has had some experience there and will be in the best position to captain his men.

Wednesday night there was a meeting of the Track Athletic Association at which all candidates for the team were present. Captain James read a letter before the meeting from the captain of the University of California Track Athletic Association stating that they desired to arrange games with Princeton. The team will continue practising in the gymnasium for some time yet under the direction of Mr. George Goldie and Trainer McMasters.

The college in general has been looking forward with much interest to the coming Harvard-Princeton debate. The preliminary debates in the two Halls, Whig and Clio, took place Wednesday evening. Next week the Inter-Hall debate will take place to decide the final three men to represent Princeton.