Special Notice.

DR. E. CHANNING STOWELL will give a course in Anatomy and Physiology, introductory to a medical course, three evenings a week beginning in March. It is intended to consider and describe

I. The Muscular System (The Bony Skeleton).

II. The Heart and Vessels.

III. The Digestive Tract and its operations.

IV. The Reproductive Organs.


With the aid of the living subject as far as possible, also dead material, charts and other methods of illustration. About 40 exercises. Fee $20. Arrangements made by letter or in person with

DR. STOWELL,tws 9 Massachusetts ave., cor. Beacon st.

DANCING CLASS. - Mrs. L. J. Chandler's dancing class, Odd Fellows Hall, Cambridgeport. Address, corner of Main and Inman streets. Private lessons.

THE FAMOUS BOSTONIANS. - It is not extravagant to say that the advent of the famous Bostonians to the Tremont Theatre for a repertory engagement of a standard comic opera is one of the most important operatic engagements of the season.

In the field of light opera enterprise, the Bostonians have held the first place for a number of years,

"Robin Hood" is the most successful opera of the present day of native composition, and it has succeeded abroad equally as well as any of the works which foreign authors have sent us.

"Prince Ananias," the new opera by Victor Herbert and Francis Neilson, has proven one of such pronounced success that of course the major portion of the Boston engagement will be devoted to it. It treats in a bright, tuneful, and comical way with the adventures of a vagabond poet, an outlaw, a king who has never smiled in the whole course of his life, and a band of strolling players.

Henry Clay Barnabee, W. H. MacDonald, Jessie Bartlett Davis, Caroline Hamilton, Eloise Morgan, Joseph Sheehan, Jerome Sykes, George Frothingham, Peter Lang, William Castleman, Mena Cleary, Clara Jewell, Chas. R. Hawley, James E. Miller, comprise the list of principals.

MR. FRED W. WHITAKER, of Whitaker & Co., Tailors, 43 Conduit street, London, W., has arrived at Young's Hotel, Boston, with special samples for spring and summer. He will be there until March 9. Appointments by letter. Hotel hours 8 to 11 a. m., 4.30 to 7 p. m.

6 18tLESSONS IN FOIL FENCING. - Instruction given in foil fencing to new beginners, at moderate prices.

Apply at 5 Hilliard St. for terms and particulars. Also lessons on the violin given by a competent teacher.

7 5t*FOR sale at a bargain, keel sloop Ethel. Stiff able thirty foot cruiser, completely found and in first-class condition. Sails new last year. Enquire at Leavitt's or Thurston's.

13 2t*