B. A. A. Games.

There are 328 entries in the several events of the indoor athletic meeting of the Boston Athletic Association, which will be held in Mechanics' Hall next Saturday evening. There are 128 entries in the 40 yards dash, 75 in the quarter mile run, 33 in the half mile, 32 in the mile, 19 in the shot putting, and 7 in the high jump.

Among those who entered are Charles Kilpatrick, the champion half mile runner; Stephen Chase, world's champion high hurdler, and Michael F. Sweeney, the world's amateur champion high jumper.

There will be eight team races, the most prominent one being between Harvard and the University of Pennsylvania. A second Harvard team will compete with the B. A. A. The other races are Amherst vs. Dartmouth, Boston College vs. Boston University, "Tech." vs. Brown, Worcester A. C. vs. Suffolk A. C., East Boston A. C. vs. St. Mary's A. C., and 22d Regiment, N. Y. N. G., vs. 1st Brigade, M. V. M.

Every athlete who competes will be numbered so that in the team races as well as in the open events, the spectators will be able to tell what men are representing the different teams.

There will be three prizes in each of the open events; they are silver cups.