Professors Taking Sabbatical Years.

Five professors of the University are at present taking their sabbatical years and will not return to Cambridge until next fall.

Doctor Francke of the German Department is in New York. He is occupied in writing a history of German literature, which he has been intending to do for some time. He wished to go abroad during the winter and visit his old home in Germany, but has been obliged to give up the trip, owing to lack of time.

Professor Taussig of the Department of Political Economy has been in Rome and Naples engaged in literary work, the nature of which is not yet announced. In addition he has been making a study of the various Italian economic theories. Later in the year he will go to Vienna.

Professor Wright of the Greek Department is spending the year with his family in Philadelphia. His time is taken up with the writing of a book, at which he has been working for a number of years, and which he hopes to finish this spring. The subject of the book has not been announced yet. Professor Wright took an active part in the proceedings of the American Philological Society, of which he is president, at the meeting held in Philadelphia during the Christmas vacation.

Professor Toy of the Hebrew and Oriental department has also gone abroad. Last September he attended the International Congress of Orientalists held in Geneva and since then has been in Paris. His time is chiefly occupied with his new translation of the Bible, for which he is now at work on the book of Ezekiel. He has also written a commentary on the book of Proverbs. Professor Toy will leave Paris in a few days for Rome and Florence. He will visit England in the spring.

Professor Wendell is in Rome for the winter. He published his book on Shakespere just before he left for Europe and is not now engaged in any particular work or study.