Half Courses for 1895.

As matter of convenience, a list is given below of half-courses offered by the Faculty of Arts and Sciences for the coming half-year. Starred courses can not be taken without the consent of the instructor. Only those courses are given which, in the official pamphlet, are designated as

FOR GRADUATES AND UNDERGRADUATES.Sanskrit 1. Sanskrit (continued). - Reading of the classical texts in Lanman's Reader. - Translation at sight. Mon., Wed., Fri., at 2.30. Mr. More. (V.)

Greek 6. Aeschylus (Seven against Thebes). - Sophocles (Antigone). - Aristophanes (Frogs). Tu., Thu., Sat., at 10. Professor Allen. (VIII.)

Latin 13. Catullus and Elegiac Poets. Mon., Wed., Fri., at 9. Professor Smith. (I) Course 13 is adapted for students who have already taken Course 1 or have passed with distinction in Course 2.

Latin 82. Lucretius. - Cicero (selected Letters). Mon., Wed., Fri., at 11. Professor Greenough. (III.) Course 82 is important for candidates for Final Honors in Classics.

English 11. English Literature. Milton. Mon., Wed., Fri., at 10. Mr. F. N. Robinson. (II.)

English 21. Early English. - The Metrical Romances. - Lectures and theses. Three hours a week. Assistant Professor Kittredge. Coure 21 is open to those only who are acquainted with Early English and Old French.

History 12. History of Continental Europe since the Middle of the Eighteenth Century. Ta., Th., Sat., at 11. Professor Macvane. (IX.)

*Govt. and Law 7. Leading principles of Constitutional Law: selected cases, American and English. Tu., Th., Sat., at 9. Professor Macvane. (VII.)

*Economics 5. Railway Transportation. - Lectures and written work. Tu., Th., Sat., at 2.30. Mr. -. (XI.)

*Economics 7. Financial Administration and Public Debts. Tu., Th., Sat., at 11. Professor Dunbar. (IX.)

Math. B. Plane Analytic Geometry (elementary course). Mon., Wed., Fri., at 2.30. Mr. -. (V.)

Math. E. Solid Geometry. Tu., Th., Sat., at 1.30. Mr. Love. (XIV.) This course is not open to students conditioned in Plane Geometry, unless they have had no opportunity for removing the condition.

Engineering. In this department about a dozen half-courses are offered, comprising too much detail to be announced here.

Physics 62. Thermodynamic Potential. Mon., Fri., at 2.30, and a third hour at the pleasure of the instructor. Asst. Professor Hall. (V.) Course 62 is open to students who have taken Course 61, or who otherwise satisfy the instructor of their fitness.