Yale Letter.

NEW HAVEN, March 10.The warm weather of the past few days has sufficiently cleared the harbor of ice to permit the crews to row there Friday afternoon for the first time this year. The men went out in one of the old barges, but the flood ice, coming in with the tide, obliged them to return after an hour. The crew was coached by Armstrong and rowed as follows: Stroke, Miller; 7, Treadway; 6, Dater; 5, Cross; 4, Longacre; 3, Beard; 2, Holcomb; bow, Wheelwright. Fourteen men will go to the training table on March 15, who are, in addition to those mentioned above, Judd, Langford, Simpson, Coonley, and Bailey, who is expected to return to college shortly.

Two new shells have been purchased this year for the 'varsity, one a regulation racing shell and the other a boat built on the same model, only heavier and stronger, so that it will be of more use as a practice boat. The former of these boats will cost $600 and the latter $500. Last year's crew ruined all the old shells, and even the one in which the race was rowed last year would hardly last a month if used. The freshmen will have a shell exactly similar to the 'varsity racing boat, and they expect to be on the water the first of the week. They are greatly in need of actual work on the water to show them the necessity of mastering the most minute details of the stroke, which, as yet, they have failed to get.

The trophies for last year's 'varsity crew will be silver loving cups. On one of the spaces between the handles will be the Yale and Harvard flags crossed; on the second space the seal of the university, with a pair of oars crossed; and on the third the names of the men and the positions which they rowed. The freshman crew trophies consist of blue silk flags, fringed with gold and lettered in gilt. On each one is the inscription: Yale '97, Columbia '97, Harvard '97; won by Yale '97; also the time, the recipient's name and position in the boat.

The third annual joint play of the two junior societies, D. K. E. and Psi U., will be given some time during the spring term, and if the consent of the Faculty is given, there will be two productions of the piece. The name of the play is "Mr. Bonaparte," and the plot is a burlesque on Napoleon First, in his Russian campaign. The cast will be made up of the following men: Butter-worth, Hooker, Lee, Cooper, Taylor, H. W. Harris, and Driggs, '95; Lackland, Sage, Eagle and Curtis, '96.

The last meet of the Yale Gymnastic Association was held last Wednesday evening and was a great success. The college record for the standing high jump was broken by nearly three inches by L. P. Sheldon '96, who cleared the bar at five feet. At the close of the contest G. L. Buist, Jr., '96, was announced the College Gymnast, having made a total of twenty-four points in eight contests. Handsome silver cups were awarded to the winners of the first and second places in the contests.


The ninety-six board of the Literary Magazine has elected the following officers: C. W. Wells, chairman; P. C. Peck, financial editor.